My name is Maverick.

I code for fun, and as a job.

👋🏽 Hey there! I'm Maverick, a Software Developer with a primary focus on Frontend Engineering.
Welcome to my little corner of the web, where I share notes, code snippets, and resources on topics that interest me.


A little About Me

I started Software Development in 2015 as a hobby, just out of curiosity after reading that video games are made from computer programming.

I've been working professionally as a Software Developer for the last ~5 years. I'm currently a Senior Frontend Engineer at InstaFreight (a logistics company in Germany). When I'm not programming, I'm playing video games, or playing/watching football ⚽.

Here are some technologies I enjoy working with:

  • HTML
  • TailwindCSS
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • VueJS
  • React/React Native
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Webpack
  • NodeJS
  • Firebase
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Git
  • Software Testing


  • Coming soon
  • Creating new features for a real estate resource website that serves more than a million users.
  • A/B test features using Google Optimize.
  • Worked with the team to improve our Lighthouse scores, with a focus on Performance, Accessibility and SEO in my first 9 months.
  • Worked primarily with React, Typescript 💙.
  • Worked as a Fullstack Engineer, on a rendering software that converts user's uploaded media to 3D rendered art space.
  • Worked primarily with ReactJS, Material UI, Express, MongoDB/Mongoose, Docker, Unity3D.
  • Hired as a contractor to create features and maintain an event website using VueJS, NuxtJS.
  • Lead a team of students on industrial training to create a Point of Sale software.
  • Developed applications for Federal Government agencies mainly with PHP, Laravel and VueJS.
  • Wrote documentation for existing in-house applications.


Blog posts